Building a Driveway or Road

The most important thing to building a good residential driveway or private road is a well-built base, or foundation.

We suggest building a driveway or building a road just like you would build a house pad—the most important thing is the foundation.

Building a driveway or road at the same time as the house pad has several advantages:

    • the trucks are bringing the same materials anyway
    • the trucks rolling in and out compacts the dirt
    • the dozer and equipment is already set up on site and there are no extra mobilization costs

If a good base material is used, you can lay asphalt or pour concrete on top at a later time. Options for a good base of crushed material include:

    • concrete
    • limestone
    • asphalt
    • granite (most expensive material)
    • iron ore (seldom available)

How to Build a Driveway or Road

build a road clearingClear the area of all the trees and stumps.


crown roadCrown the road in the middle so it is built up higher than the existing ground. Level the top of the road and work it back in forth in preparation for the select fill material to be placed on top


cut a ditch or swellCut a ditch or a swell on each side of the drive.


Import select fill to build a baseImport select fill to build a base.


compact select fillRoll and compact the select fill.


Spread, roll and compact crushed rockImport, spread, roll and compact the crushed rock.


long sweep at end of driveThe end of the driveway or road should have a long sweep at the end to make it easier to access.