Commercial Building Pads

With any commercial building, the most important thing is its foundation, or pad.

It’s critical that the soil a structure sits on is stable. Especially here in Texas, we know just how often the land can shift. Make sure that before you start a project, you have the foundation you need.

commercial building padA commercial building pad has to be properly prepared to prevent problems caused by uneven settling, erosion and flooding.

A lot of the soil around Houston has a high content of clay, which is sensitive to moisture fluctuations.

When water is added to clay it causes the soil to expand and heave upward, subjecting foundations to pressures from underneath. As opposed to if water is withdrawn, clay soils will contract, sometimes creating voids that leave portions of the foundations unsupported.

Depending on the type of soil and the surrounding elevation, there are several considerations to ensure a solid foundation.

Sometimes it’s acceptable to remove the top 6 inches of soil because this is the organic soil that decomposes and causes voids in soil. Sometimes engineers require that 2-6 feet of soil is removed and back filled with compacted select fill. Sometimes it’s necessary to import lime or fly ash and mix it into soil to harden the soil.

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soil sampleIt’s important to know the type of soil you will be building on. Soils have a significant impact on the performance of a building’s foundation.