Important Land Clearing Considerations

Below are just a few of the many important land clearing considerations when planning your property for residential development.


    • How much privacy do you want?
    • Do you want your house to be hidden or be seen?
    • If you want your house hidden then the driveway will need to be curved.
    • Maybe you want people to be able to see the frontage but not behind the house.
    • Do you want to leave brush on the right side, left side, back, or front? If you own a corner lot, strongly consider leaving brush on at least one of the road fronts.

House Site

    • It is good to have an idea of where you want to have your house, but NOT good to make a firm decision of where it will go until after the underbrush is removed. If the pine trees are going to be removed, this also needs to be done before the final decision of where the house will be built.
    • Depending upon the size of the lot, do you want more front or back yard?


    • If you think you want to take out the hardwood trees, do not remove them until after the underbrush is cleared. This also applies to pine trees.
    • What trees do you want your house to be around?
    • Have you considered trees damaging your house during stormy weather?
    • Is there any particular kind of trees that you dislike, such as pine or sweet gum?
    • What trees look the healthiest and have the best looking canopies?


    • The amount of money do you want to spend on your driveway will determine how far back your house should be.
    • Have you considered a circle driveway?
    • Depending upon your tree count, future weed eating will determine the amount of trees removed.
    • The side of the house where the garage will be determines where you should have your driveway.

Land Options

    • Do you need to clear land for a separate garage, a shop building, a garden, a pool, etc.?
    • Will you have a fence?
    • Do you plan to dig a pond now — or in the future?
    • Do you need an area for a paddock or pasture for horses? A riding arena? A trail for riding bicycles, motorcycles, four wheelers, or for horseback riding or jogging? A baseball field? Dirt back track with bumps, jumps, etc.?
    • Do you need room for long trailers or an RV?
    • Do you like to entertain and sometimes need extra parking for friends and family?

Each land clearing job has its own unique circumstances. To discuss your needs, call Daniel Dean today: 281 – 356-3326