Install a Culvert

Install a culvert to go across the bottom of a ditch, gulley or creek to allow water to flow through the ditch, allowing you access to your property using a driveway or road.

install a culvert

Culverts may be made of concrete, galvanized steel, aluminum or plastic, typically high density polyethylene (HDPE). Daniel Dean can install a culvert with stabilized sand (sand mixed with cement) or without. If the ditch holds water often or is soft, it is a good idea to use the stabilized sand. When stabilized sand dries it becomes almost as hard as concrete.

Poorly designed culverts can become jammed with sediment and debris during heavy rain. If the culvert cannot pass the water volume in the stream, the water will find the path of least resistance, such as into your yard or over the road embankment causing erosion. The embankment material that is washed away can clog other structures downstream, causing them to fail as well. A properly sized culvert can help to alleviate these problems.

Piping User to Install a Culvert

There are different types of pipe that can be used as a culvert. Some of the most common include:

culvert RCPReinforced concrete products (RCP)
Culvert, black corrugated plasticBlack corrugated plastic (HDPE)
culvert metal corrugated (tin horn)Metal corrugated (tin horn)