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Houston Demolition

Where Can I Find Houston Demolition?

Right here at Daniel Dean you can get professional Houston demolition work done. There are a lot of reasons that you might need demolition. Sometimes it’s to clear land for a new construction. Sometimes it’s to remove an old pool from a property. In any case, we’ll help you come up with a plan and get started.

There are a number of different tools that go into demolitions. While the most well-known form of demo is the use of explosive charges to cause a building to fall in on itself, this is actually a reasonably rare occurrence and is only necessary in a very specific set of circumstances.demolishing a building

More commonly, residential demolitions are needed to tear down a house or structure. This is done with common construction equipment as well as a few special rigs. Some demo specialists will use back hoes to crash through walls, windows, and doors. This makes it easy knock down structures that are difficult to move otherwise.

Call In The Professionals

Even on your own property, it is extremely dangerous to attempt demolition yourself. Without proper equipment and training, you risk causing harm to yourself or others. If your home is close to other properties, you could even risk damaging those.

Most all demolition of buildings requires a permit to do. This is for several reasons including your safety. After demolitions are complete, proper equipment to remove the debris must be available. The land will most likely need to be leveled to surrounding areas too.

houston demolition txAftermath of Demolition

As with any Houston demolition, once the demo is done, you’re left with a pile of rubble and debris. That doesn’t help much does it? That’s why Daniel Dean has a professional team of land clearing experts. We can load the rubble and debris and haul it away.

The debris can’t just be shoved into trucks and driven off. Concrete will need to be smashed into rubble and separated from metals. Wood, glass, and stone may also need to be organized. Many materials from demolition work are re-usable or hazardous to landfills.

A good company will always know just how to haul away the mess they’ve maid. Your site will look better than when it was brand new.