Riding Arenas

Riding arenas require a firm sub-base, a stable base layer and a flexible top coat. Daniel Dean builds riding arenas to professionally recognized standards.

riding arenas houstonGood footing is key to successful training, performance and health of horses in a riding arena. The ideal arena provides a firm support with some cushion. This is beneficial to both the horse and the rider.

How A Riding Arena Is Setup

The bottom layer or sub-base is created by first removing the top-soil from the existing ground, then compacting until the ground reaches near maximum density. This process is crucial to ensuring that the land can stand up to erosion for long periods of time and stress.

Next, the base layer is constructed. This area has a stable base such as compacted select fill and is also prepared by using compacting equipment. The grading, slight crown leveling, compacting of imported select fill and a top coat of 2 to 3 inches of clean bank sand is spread evenly on top of the base.

After development is complete, your riding arena is completely ready for use. The dirt work can withstand several years of average use and weather. If restoration is needed later on, we’ve got you covered there as well.

The Difference In Riding Arenas

If your riding arenas aren’t properly developed, it will cost you more than a large expense. It can cause harm to your animals and more. The deterioration of running grounds can lead to unstable foundation and dangerous trails. It is important that the utmost care is given to the construction of any riding arenas for you and your horses or any other animals. Daniel Dean has the know how to get the job done. Don’t settle for less and risk your investments.

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