Daniel Dean has restored many deteriorated detention and retention ponds by regrading the slopes and clearing the bottom so water can drain in and out.

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Detention and Retention Pond Repair

Detention ponds (dry) prevent localized flooding, may provide some water quality benefits and reduce stream bank erosion downstream. Deterioration of a detention or retention (wet) pond is usually the result of the bottom of the pond not being graded correctly and silt builds up and backs up water. Then cattails come, and trees grow because you can’t mow the bottom of the pond.

Then the slopes start eroding and it becomes too rough of a to mow. Then brush and vegetation and trees start growing on the slopes.

Daniel Dean regrades slopes the bottom of the retention and detention ponds so water can drain in and out. We can install back slope interceptors to make the water flow into pipes and then into the bottom of the pond. This minimizes the water flow on the slopes.

And finally, we seed using either broadcast or Hydroseeding methods.