Daniel Dean has the heavy equipment to turnkey the development on your commercial and residential property.


When somebody thinks land clearing or dirt work, the first machine that comes to mind is a bulldozer. A bulldozer is used to knock over brush and smaller trees. The bulldozer can do lots of things, but it has its limitations. It’s best partner is an excavator, or sometimes called a track hoe. A bulldozer with a good operator is the fastest and most productive machine for spreading and placing dirt. We also use it to grade dirt. Create swales, or many other things.


An excavator, or track hoe, is an amazing machine that can do many things. When clearing land we use it to dig around the trees, then push them over. We also dig up stumps, stack debris, and with a hydraulic thumb, we can grab debris and carry it for disposal either on site or load it onto trucks to haul off.

When digging a pond, it is the fastest machine at digging and throwing dirt. It is important to separate the different types of dirt when digging a pond, and an excavator makes short work of it, especially with Daniel Dean’s largest excavator with a 60-inch bucket. It is the only machine that can be used when installing underground drainage pipe and underground. It’s super fast at loading dump trucks.

Small Machines

People would say their project was too small of a job for Daniel Dean because a bulldozer couldn’t fit on their property. So we bought a tiny machine. It’s so small at 36 inches, that it doesn’t have a seat on it. By adding a few attachments, it’s amazing what we can do with dirt to create swales or berms to catch and redirect water away from your house.

Specialty Machines

Logging Machines

Loading and Hauling