Whether you want to take down a small storage building or tear down a three-story house or a commercial building, Daniel Dean has the equipment and experience. Building demolition is one of our favorite things, especially with a big excavator and a hydraulic thumb.

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Demolition Permits

Daniel Dean can help with obtaining the permit if it is in the city. A demo permit is required for the demolition of any structure or building, regardless of whether it’s a commercial or a residential property. A building demo permit requires the removal of all construction materials from the job site, including the building slab. The site must be left free of debris and be level within the boundaries of the property. There are a series of permits and inspection required, including plumbing, sewer disconnection and an asbestos survey, before a demolition permit is granted. All demolition permits must have final inspection approval before a new construction permit can be sold.

Demolition Equipment

For the most part, a demolitions company will use heavy tools to get the job done. These tools are physically heavy and are often used in construction industry for other purposes. For example, some demo specialists will use back hoes—normally designed to dig out large holes in the ground—to crash through walls, windows and doors, or knock down structures that are difficult to otherwise move . Often, concrete crushers, jack hammers and other power tools are used to reduce large pieces to a size that can be worked with. Much of the demolitions process takes place inside the structure using sledge hammers, wrenches, saws, and brooms to remove as much as possible. It’s not uncommon for a structure to be gutted before the outside walls are touched.

After the Demo

Once the actual taking down of the building is done, the pile of rubble is separated and dispose of. Many of the materials in a house can be recycled if they are clean, and some have different disposal requirements than others. A good company will know how to haul away the mess , leaving the site ready for its next purpose.

Swimming Pool Fill-in

Sometimes the cost of ownership of a swimming pool can get to a point so that is no longer worthwhile to have the swimming pool.

The most inexpensive way of removing the swimming pool is to just simply fill it up with dirt. When doing this Daniel Dean recommends to punch holes in the floor of the swimming pool with a hydraulic hammer, then use clay material to fill in the bottom and at least 12 inches of topsoil across the surface. An upgraded cost to demolish a swimming pool is to remove the sidewalk and the top 12 inches of the swimming pool.

The most expensive way of removing a swimming pool is to break and remove all of the concrete and all of the Gunite. Sometimes this can be a labor-intensive job. We then back-fill the area with clay material and place some good topsoil across the surface.