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Land Clearing Services and Dirt Work — Houston Area

service area

Daniel Dean land clearing and dirt work services extend nearly 100 miles in every direction from Magnolia, Texas, including:

  • Anahuac
  • Brenham
  • Columbus
  • Conroe
  • Cypress
  • Houston
  • Humble
  • Huntsville
  • Lake Jackson
  • League City
  • Pearland
  • Sealy
  • Spring
  • Sugarland
  • The Woodlands
  • Tomball
  • Wharton

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Land Clearing

Land clearing is the removal of brush, trees and stumps. For residential land clearing you want to have open land to work with, but maintain a certain level of foliage, brush and trees intact. Residential clearing is customized for each customer’s desires.

With commercial land clearing very few trees are left, usually just along property lines. Trees are knocked over with the stumps in tact, the timber is merchandised, and the debris is raked and piled. After the debris is out of the way the property is bladed to a smooth surface.

Daniel Dean has the right equipment and expertise to develop your property for the purpose you intended.

Dirt Work (Site Work)

Clean and efficient. Daniel Dean gets the job done right and on time using his own equipment to prepare your site for construction or improvement. We fully remove all of the debris from the work site and leave your property in pristine condition, ready for use. Site work and excavation services for commercial and residential properties.


Daniel Dean can regrade the elevation of your property to drain standing water from your yard. Or, if you have water coming into your house during big rain events, we can create swales that will drain water away from your house.

Most people have no idea how important drainage really is. Construction or property improvements often impact the flow of water on the property. It’s important to work with the water flow, not against it. There are generally two methods to drain water: redirect water on top of the ground (surface, or slope, using a swale or a berm) or underground (or in-ground) in a effective drainage system.

Ponds and Lakes

pond dug during and afterThe type of Houston pond you need depends on your goals. Some of our customer’s top reasons include: 1) a low area that holds water and is wet the majority of the year; 2) moving dirt to build your house pad or to fill in low areas on the property; 3) fishing pond installation; 4) swimming hole for you or watering hole for your livestock; 5) enhance the beauty of your property; 6) to attract wild life
Whatever your reason, Daniel Dean knows what it takes to build a pond that holds water.

Erosion Control and Prevention

After the dirt is placed on your pad, around your pond, as your drainage berm or swale, along your road, what will keep it there until grass roots hold it in place? There are several ways to control erosion. The cheapest and most effective way is usually to get grass established quickly.

Laydown Yard Repair

A laydown yard is an area outside where your stockpile of bulky materials, pipes, storage containers, construction equipment, etc. are stored until they need to be used. They are most common on construction sites, but other operations such as manufacturing or oil field operations have laydown yards as well.

Rough Terrain Yard

Leveling an owner’s property is a one of the most rewarding job for Daniel Dean.

There are many different ways to grade-level rough terrain, from a bulldozer, to tractors with implements that tear up the ground and lay it back down so that it is nice and smooth.


Whether you want to take down a small storage building or tear down a three-story house or a commercial building, Daniel Dean has done it all. Building demolition is one of our favorite things, especially with a big excavator and a hydraulic thumb.

Detention and Retention Pond Repair

Wet ponds are retention ponds, while detention ponds are usually dry.

If not properly constructed and maintained, the slopes erode and vegetation grows out of control.

Daniel Dean fixes retention and detention ponds used for flood control and storm water runoff treatment.

Riding Arenas and Trails

The cost of make a great riding arena is expensive. But, if you want it done right, it lasts a long time and is the best choice for your horses.

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