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Riding Arenas

Riding Arenas

Good footing is key to the successful training, performance and health of horses in a riding arena. The ideal arena provides a firm support with some cushion.

The bottom layer—or sub-base—is created by first removing the top soil from the existing ground, then compacting until the ground reaches near maximum density.

Next, the base layer is constructed. This area has a stable base, such as compacted select fill, and is also prepared by using compacting equipment. The grading, slight crown leveling, compacting of imported select fill and a top coat of 2 to 3 inches of clean bank sand is spread evenly on top of the base.

The cost of make a great riding arena is expensive. But, if you want it done right, it lasts a long time and is the best choice for your horses.

Riding Trails and Trail Repair

Land developers often create riding trails for walking or riding horses. Water flowing on a trail is what kills the trail over time. The key to fixing a riding trail is to create water bars to push the water off of the trail. And, when water has to flow across the trail, a pipe is needed.