Photos of jobs like yours—from building house pads to demolishing buildings—Daniel Dean has done it all. If you don’t see a picture representative of what you have in mind, call Daniel and he’ll find it in his archive of over 140,000 property improvement photos.

Land Clearing

Residential Land Clearing (brush, stumps, trees)

Commercial Land Clearing

Dirt Work (Site Work)

Pad Wet Sub-grade

Pad Construction (house, barn, commercial)

Final Grading (residential, commercial)

Culverts (roadside ditch, driveway, creek crossing)

Driveways and Roads (construction, repair)

Cattle Guard

Underground Storm Drains

Detention and Retention Ponds (construction and repair)

Laydown Yard (construction and repair)

Construction Entrance

Water Filtration System


Ditch Regrading

Redirecting Water (swales)

Redirecting Water (berms)

Redirecting Water (levee 360)

Inlets and Underground Pipe

Ponds and Lakes

Pond and Lake Construction

Pond and Lake Repair

Pond De-silting

Inlet and Outfall

Erosion Control and Prevention

Broadcast and HydroSeeding

Silt Fence

Erosion Control (blankets, fabrics, Rip Rap)


Riding Arenas and Trails

Rough Terrain Yard

Demolition (structure, swimming pool)